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"Since we have lived in our Southern and Traditional Home we have never had to make a warranty call...that is unheard of these days!"



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Choosing the right company to build your home is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.


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Why Choose Southern and Traditional Homes?

Quality Construction - Value - Choice -Quality Materials- Confidence and Trust


Quality Construction-Defined by our 10-Extra Steps

Everyone talks about quality construction but we quantify our quality. Our 10-Extra Steps truly set us apart in the industry. There is no builder that we know of that consistently uses all of these steps in building your home. Our shells are some of the strongest in the industry. Please note as well that these are only 10 of the many steps we take that go well beyond the industry construction norms. There are many, many more. We have written a 56 page construction manual that is filled with innovative building practices and proprietary information. We only list the 10 Steps as we don't want to teach other builders all of our industry leading standards. We are constantly and consistently making changes as the technology and opportunities allow. If we can build it better, we usually do! This isn’t just talk but it’s our policy at Southern & Traditional Homes. Click here to view our 10-Extra Steps. Most of our ‘team’ has been together for many years. We appreciate our sub-contractors and do everything in our power to make sure the job site is ready for them and materials are available when they arrive. This allows them to keep their hours low and manage their profitability. We treat them with the utmost respect and we value the hard work and craftsmanship they provide to build a beautiful custom home. We are very proud of our team!


We are committed to keeping our pricing low and our standards high to provide value to our clients. Our impressive list of Standard Features helps ensure the high quality of your home. This has translated into instant equity for many of our happy homeowners. A successful negotiation should never be more beneficial to one party than the other. Both parties should benefit! We strive to be open, candid and above all honest in our dealings with our clients. Our goal is to be in business for many years to come, and having a good reputation goes a long way in making this goal achievable.


Choice is one of the main reasons to build a custom home and the choice should be up to you. Southern & Traditional Homes can build virtually any home style and size you choose and allow you to appoint your new home as you wish. You aren't limited to just a few plan, fixture, appliance and finish options. We are able to build from any plan and even modify those plans to meet your family's needs, and allow you to choose the rest so your home is truly custom.

Quality Materials-

Once the quality exterior of your home is constructed, we then use some of the finest materials available on the market to finish the interior of your home. You will be introduced to our impressive line-up during our initial meeting where you will receive product brochures of our interior finishes. For example, we use a 50+ ounce carpet in all of our homes over an 8# pad as standard. The typical builder grade carpeting which you will find in most track homes is around 25-30 ounces over a 6# or even a 4# pad. This is a huge difference that you can see and feel and is only one of the many noticeable differences in the finishes we provide to our clients. Twice the quality at about the same price equals amazing value to you!

Confidence and Trust-

• Southern & Traditional Homes has been building beautiful, quality homes for over 12 years. The president has been building homes since 1984, with over 30 years' experience!
• While we build all over Hillsborough and Pasco counties, the owner lives in a community where S&T Homes is going on its 18th building by the end of 2014. One other builder has built 2 homes in the community and no other builder more than 1 home. In a small, closely knit community, news travels quickly. If we were not who we said we were, if we did not build the homes we say we build, we wouldn't have continued our impressive run of construction in a community we did not develop. We continue to have friendly relations with all of our clients. To see a map of our community, and some of the homes and other buildings we have completed so you may view our quality at your leisure, Click Here
• Southern & Traditional Homes had the honor of building for two construction attorneys in 2012. We believe this speaks well of our quality, construction practices, and reputation.

We are totally committed to providing our clients with a friendly, enjoyable, and stress free building experience! While this may be considered ‘fluff’, to the best of our knowledge it is the truth and what we strive for each and every time.




We believe that people have the right to a home that is well built, using great
products, and for a great price. We believe that it is important to not only talk of quality but to quantify it and implement it. We believe in doing the right things, for the right reasons, and with the right motives. We believe that safety, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction all come ahead of profitability. We believe that if we live by these principles, people will notice the difference. We believe that this is what people are looking for in a builder and we want you to believe in us!

Michael Benigni
Southern & Traditional Homes, Inc.



Southern & Traditional Homes is your best choice for building your new custom home. We would love the opportunity to partner with you in building 'your dream!'