Why Build A Custom Home?

5 Great Reasons to Choose a Custom Home Builder for Your New Home

1- Lifestyle

A custom home is really about lifestyle. Do the things you like to do right in your own backyard. Add a pool house, basketball and tennis courts, batting cages, putting greens, and riding trails for your 4-wheelers! Invite your entire group of family and friends for a cookout and volleyball game! You will have plenty of room for parking and great get-togethers.

Fence your property for horses, raise your own livestock, or even plant your own garden. Perhaps your backyard is a lake or the ocean and water is your passion, live the lifestyle you've been dreaming about. Find out how easy it is to build a custom home. Contact Us today.

2- Unlimited Choices

As the name implies, a custom home allows you the opportunity to create your individual, one of a kind home, just for you!

You have the ability to choose from different plans, finishes, styles and designs. Trim, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, can all be substituted with a product of your choice. There is no reason not to be totally satisfied with your new home.

You can also have the freedom from HOA rules and regulations which allows you to live the lifestyle you choose.

3- Privacy

Privacy, which allows for peace, quiet, and tranquility, is a benefit you should consider when deciding between a new custom home or subdivision living. On smaller subdivision lots, the noise from the neighbors can ruin a quiet relaxing evening in the pool or your quiet mornings on the porch sipping coffee. With a new custom home, you will have plenty of privacy and elbow room.

When building a new home, you select the area where the home will sit and you can maximize the privacy on that given lot. Your home’s footprint can be adjusted so that it makes the most of the terrain to give you as much privacy as you’d like. Windows can be placed strategically to take advantage of the best views.

4- Savings

Free up a large portion of your monthly budget and spend it on something where you are gaining equity, like your new custom home! Think about how much money you spend every month paying off others debts with your CDD fees. You have already paid for your home and lot but yet every month you may be paying for the lot again. How much do you spend every month on HOA fees for the community amenities and pool you seldom use? Why should people pay so much money for water you can’t drink when you can pump it out of a fresh underground stream for nothing but a little bit of electricity? Why pay for sewer bills when the natural way of treating waste can be used by your family like it has been done for thousands of years, by natural filtration through the soil? All are green ways to help the environment, save money and improve your quality of living.

Your new Southern & Traditional custom home comes with amazing, energy efficient features like radiant barrier, open cell foam insulation in the block walls, insulated and low-e windows, 15+ seer air conditioning systems with variable speed air handlers, media filters and humidistats, plus so much more. You will be saving tons of money on electricity bills and free up even more monthly dollars.

5- Quality

Quality is another great reason for building an S &T Custom Home. Volume builders are always looking to "value engineer" their product line? While quality may be a concern for them, cutting corners becomes profitable business when volume is added to the equation.

Competition with other large national builders forces them to compete at the bare minimum standard of construction. Every dime is scrutinized with the bottom line in view. They also have a commitment to their shareholders for profitability.

S & T Custom Homes goes well above the acceptable county standard of construction as shown in our 10-Extra Steps. Not all homes are created equally and this becomes more and more noticeable as the years go by.

Maintenance and repair bills can skyrocket on a poorly constructed home. View the 6 Main Reasons you should choose Southern & Traditional Custom Homes to partner with you in building 'your dream'. We offer quality, custom homes with great pricing! This means high value to you. With everything Southern and Traditional Custom Homes is able to offer, purchasing a home elsewhere just doesn't make sense.

Custom Home Building Questions

Why do you spend the money on all of those extra steps?

Our passion is high quality custom homes, both design and construction.

How do we pick our finishes?

We have a great design center to help with finishes but you aren't limited to these.

We're excited about building a new custom home. How can we get a price?

We will give you a close estimate at our first meeting...

and once the plan and options are decided we can expedite the exact price to you.

Are wells and septics problematic?

Not at all, and it's great not having the monthly utility bills.

How do you design your homes?

We can start from a blank piece of paper or modify any plan to create a custom home "Just for you!"

There are several custom home builders in the Tampa Bay area. Why should we choose you?

Our design, quality construction, value and reputation.

Do you build many homes on acreage?

We specialize as an On-Your-Lot builder. We can build the custom home of your dreams!

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A Custom Home is your best option. Please Contact Us for more information. We would love to be your Builder. We're located in the Tampa, FL area.