Selecting a Homesite

Selecting your homesite prior to choosing your home plan is a best practice

The cost, location, and views of the homesite can influence your plan selection. You may choose a more expensive homesite and opt for a smaller home or a less expensive lot and a larger home. The views on your site will likely make a difference in the way your windows and even your rooms are positioned and designed. The slope of the property may also affect the location of the garage and the style of the home. Also, the dimensions of your property may constrain the size of your homes footprint.

There are many things to consider when selecting the homesite. Try to match your home to the style and dollar value of the homes surrounding your site. There is a point of diminishing returns for the value of your home if your home is the largest in the area. Smaller homes may affect the maximum value. Building a completely different style than the neighborhood may also negatively impact the value of your home. Size and style considerations are most applicable with infill lots in existing subdivisions.

Another major consideration is drainage and/or flooding. Flood Zone C is typically your best choice when purchasing property for insurance reasons. Flood Zone X is also acceptable and we can generally build in Flood Zone A with some land work. View the site 48 hours after a hard rain to see if there is standing water. Sites that drain quickly are preferable. Although it’s best to choose from the highest and driest lots available we are able to mitigate most wet lot situations at a minimal cost. Additionally, in flood zone areas, we are usually above the base flood elevation and the flood insurance is typically negligible. Our standard 3-block stem wall allows us to be around 20-24” above the existing grade.

The location of the sun in relation to your home is another important consideration. For example, if you are planning a pool, it is ideal to have the rear of the house facing South or West. A southern exposure is best for solar heating the pool in the winter and a western exposure is also suitable. If the rear of the home faces east and you are planning a 2-story home, the pool will be in the shade all afternoon and be very difficult to maintain the proper swimming temperature. Homes that have a western rear elevation often have issues with the afternoon sun being too bright in the windows.

Sun coming into the breakfast nook and bedroom in the morning might be a welcoming way to start out the day. If possible, have these areas designed on the east side of the home. A higher energy efficiency can be obtained if the sides of the home facing west are smaller, have fewer windows, and have porches and overhangs to block the sun.

Finally, check with the neighbors for any other information regarding the area that may not be noticeable. If the well water is brackish, or high in iron content, there will be some expense in maintaining proper water quality. A slight sulfur smell can be mitigated with a chlorinator or Aris filter at the well for a minimal expense.

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