Why Choose S & T Homes?

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose
Southern & Traditional Custom Homes

1- Luxurious Design

Luxurious design, meticulous detailing and unlimited choices combine to create a perfect home "Just for You!"

If you can dream it, we can build it. Your custom home design choices are truly unlimited. With all of the resources available today from Pinterest, Houzz, eplans.com, homeplans.com, as well as our own impressive list of Custom Home Designs you are certain to find plenty of great ideas for your dream home!

Our design experts will help you bring your design wish list together. We love to assist our clients in customizing their home and to help them bring all of their ideas together into the perfect home.

Beautiful, custom built-in great room options, designer kitchens, cubbies for the children, custom closets, feature walls, amazing front elevations, intricate ceiling details, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, custom swimming pools custom tile patterns and installs, all can be a part of your new home.

We will work with you through the entire home design process to make sure we get all of the details just right. We love making our customers dreams turn into reality.

2- Highest Quality

Everyone talks about quality, but we define it with our 10-Extra Steps

Our 10-Extra Steps truly set us apart in the industry. There is no builder that we know of that consistently uses all of these steps in building your home. Our shells are some of the strongest in the industry.

Please note as well that these are only 10 of the many steps we take that go well beyond the industry construction norms. There are many, many more. We have written a 57-page construction manual that is filled with innovative building practices and proprietary information. We only list the 10 Steps as we don't want to teach other builders all of our industry leading standards.

We are constantly and consistently making changes as the technology and opportunities allow. If we can build it better, we usually do! This isn’t just talk but it’s our policy at Southern & Traditional Homes. Click here to view our 10-Extra Steps.

We and our ‘team’ of quality subcontractors have been together for many years. We value the hard work and craftsmanship they provide to build beautiful custom homes.

3- Great Value

We provide the Best Value of any custom home builder

With location being equal, the Value of your home is determined by price, design, and the quality of construction. A finely crafted home with great design features will bring added value and much enjoyment to you and your family.

We are committed to keeping our pricing low and our standards high to provide you with that value. Our impressive list of Included Custom Features coupled with our 10-Extra Steps ensures the high quality of your home. This has translated into instant equity for many of our happy homeowners.

Our pricing is very competitive and we provide upgrades with a very minimal mark-up to allow you to create the home of your dreams.

The perfect custom home must be designed functionally by having all the rooms laid out efficiently, as well as designed creatively by adding architectural detailing and visual interest throughout the home. These are the guiding precepts in assisting you in the design of your new home.

We believe we are the value leader in custom home construction. Beautiful design features, combined with the highest quality construction processes and materials, along with competitive pricing, provide great Value.

4- Choice

We're the custom home builder that allows you to choose

Choice is one of the main reasons to build a custom home and the choice should be up to you. Southern & Traditional Homes can build virtually any home style and size you choose and allow you to appoint your new home as you wish.

You aren't limited to just a few plans or a few fixture and appliance options. You decide what finishes in your home are important to you.

We don't charge you extra for custom plan design, it's all included! We are able to build from any plan and even modify those plans to meet your family's needs, and allow you to choose the rest so your home is truly custom.

Many builders only allow you to choose from one brand of appliances or one brand of lighting fixtures etc. With S&T Homes the choice is yours.

5- Quality Materials

We use only the finest quality products constructing your home

We have researched and tested all of the products that we use in your custom home. We are always searching for items having the highest quality and the best value.

We already build the strongest exterior shell of the structure so the bones of the house will always be strong. We then use some of the finest materials available on the market to finish the interior of your home.

For example, we use 50-70 ounce carpet in all of our homes over an 8# pad as standard when other builders use 25-30 ounce carpet over 6# or even 4# padding. We use high quality porcelain tile, some of the best wood flooring available, as well as top of the line paint, trim, exterior doors, cabinets etc.

You will be introduced to our impressive line-up during our initial meeting where you will receive product brochures of our interior finishes.

Because of our low overhead and our long standing forged relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors, we can offer all of this at the same price of a lesser quality home. High quality and great pricing equals amazing value for you!

6- Confidence & Trust

The Custom Home Builder you can Trust

Southern & Traditional Homes has been building beautiful, quality homes for over 14 years. The president has been building homes since 1984, with over 30 years of construction experience and is also active giving back to his local community making it a better place for others.

While we build all over Hillsborough and Pasco counties, the owner lives in a community where S&T Homes is going on its 18th building by the end of 2015. One other builder has built 2 homes in the community and no other builder more than 1 home. In a small, closely knit community, news travels quickly. If we were not who we said we were, if we did not build the homes we say we build, we wouldn't have continued our impressive run of construction in a community we did not develop.

We continue to have friendly relations with all of our clients. To see a map of our community, and some of the homes and other buildings we have completed so you may view our quality at your leisure, Click Here

Southern & Traditional Homes had the honor recently of building for two construction attorneys. We believe this speaks well of our quality, construction practices, and reputation.


All make Southern & Traditional the Best Choice for your New Custom Home!

Questions About Our Company

Can we choose any custom home plan?

Yes! Southern & Traditional Homes enjoys building one-of-a-kind
custom homes.

Do you charge for customizing a plan?

No, custom home design is included in our price.

How can you offer so much for such great pricing?

We keep our overhead and profit margins low and pass the savings on to you.

What types of products do you use for finishing the home?

We use only the top of the line products from local and national suppliers.

Do you offer assistance with interior design.

Yes, our designer is available at your request.

Why should we choose S & T from other custom home builders in the Tampa Florida area?

Our design, quality, pricing and reputation.

What do you charge for upgrades?

We only have a minimum markup on upgraded items so you can build the custom home of your dreams!

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These are just a few of the many reasons Southern & Traditional Custom Homes should be your custom home builder. We're located in Lithia/Fishhawk and build throughout Hillsborough, Pasco, and Polk County Florida.