Green Building Practices

Green Building is an environmentally friendly, resource efficient practice for new, custom home construction.

Green building practices are a combination of things for Builders in the Tampa Florida Climate to incorporate into your new Custom Home. Green building not only saves our environment but it also saves on utility bills, health care, and maintenance costs. The goals are to use energy and water efficiently, create a healthy environment, and reduce waste and pollution. Southern and Traditional Homes has integrated many green practices in an effort to do our part in being a good steward of our environment.

We use...

dow Blue Board Wall Insulation Used With Optional Open cell foam Inside The Exterior Block Walls Yielding R-Values of R-14 to R-19
Insulated, Double paned Glass windows and doors for energy savings and exterior noise reduction allowing a more pleasurable environment
Low-E coated, heavy duty glass windows to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted.
R-30 to R-40 Attic Insulation. Used in combination with optional radiant barrier offers maximum protection from the sun and heat without compromising air quality
Highly Efficient 15+ SEER air Conditioning Systems which are sized properly for your home providing the necessary balance of efficiency and moisture control
Honeywell Pro 8000 thermostat with humidity control, humidistats which help to provide healthy and comfortable indoor air quality
High MERV Air Conditioning Filtration Systems which remove particulates as low as .3 micrometers removing things including, but not limited to, pollen, mites, virus, smoke, bacteria etc. (optional)
Ultraviolet light, mold and bacteria removal systems for the AC units in conjunction with the High MERV filtration remove basically all contaminates from your home (optional)
sealed and tested AC ducting systems for energy efficiency and increased life expectancy of the system. our ducting is inspected and tested to ensure proper function
Direct To The Outside Kitchen And Bathroom Venting To which remove the humidity from cooking and showers from your home
Fresh Air, Vented from the outside, to replace the air that is removed from by your kitchen and bath fans maintains healthy air pressures in the home
LED Lighting which provides substantial savings on annual utility bills (optional)
Low-Water Usage Toilets and Showers save both dollars and help the environment
Renewable Wood Products are used whenever possible. Trees from renewable tree farms as well as some recycled wood products guarantee a plentiful supply for generations to come
Drylok Water Proofing system around Windows and doors. We believe we were the first to introduce this to the Tampa market and many other builders have since realized the importance of our best practice.
Borate Non-Toxic Pest Control, an environmentally friendly and highly effective approach to termite protection
Tankless Hot Water Heaters are available upon request both in electric and gas

...along with several other green practices.


Frequent Green Building Questions

Almost everyone asks us "What is the best way to lower our monthly electric bills?" so we'll discuss this in more detail here...

We believe that it's a combination of things for builders in the Tampa Florida Climate to incorporate into your new Custom Home...

There are several misconceptions for saving energy costs that are not healthy for your home. We will discuss two here...

Misconception #1. Oversize the condensing unit so that it cools and shuts off quickly.

Misconception #2. Make the home air tight and you'll save on energy bills...

Your air conditioner needs to not only run long enough to cool your home but must run long enough to maintain healthy humidity levels so oversizing the system isn't a good idea...

Your home also needs to breathe. Humidity from showers, cooking, and even our own bodies must not be trapped inside an airtight home...

It's also important to allow a continuos flow of fresh air into your home.

When it comes to energy efficiency, things like insulated glass, low-e insulated windows, 15+ SEER HVAC equipment, radiant barrier, open cell foam block fill...

R-15+ exterior block walls, R-30+ attic insulation, and R-19 exterior second story frame walls, all used in combination with...

Variable speed air handlers, humidistats, fresh air intakes, venting cooking directly outdoors, high MERV or HEPA filters, and UV light filtration...

All make your home not only highly energy efficient but also provides a safe, healthy atmosphere for your new custom home!

Southern & Traditional Homes has been energy and healthy home concious before it was the popular thing to do.

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At Southern & Traditional Custom Homes, we believe that Green Builder practices shouldn't just be a part of a marketing plan designed to draw clients, but it's the right thing to do in our Tampa Florida climate for saving energy costs, protecting our environment, and providing a healthy home for our home buyers.