Custom Home Building Process

plan design, finishes, financing, permitting, construction, and moving in.

Plan Design

The first step is the home design process. It is much easier than you think as we guide you through the steps in a relatively short amount of time. Simply bring your Wish Book of ideas and we will combine this with your family's needs and lifestyle to design the perfect home. The design process usually requires 3 meetings with the builder and usually takes about 2-4 weeks.

Layout and Finishes

When designing a custom home, you get to decide where the doors and windows are located so that when it's time to move in, everything has the perfect place. The end result is a home designed "just for you." Our design consultants will assist you in our Design Center to choose from high quality finishes to beautify your home.

Home Loan

The construction loan process should take 4 weeks to complete but can take longer. Not all banks are created equal when it comes to prompt and efficient communication with the buyer and proficiency in handling construction loans. It is very important to find the right bank. We have 2 different banks that we highly recommend to assist you in streamlining the process.

During the financing process we make efficient use of that time helping you choose the finishes for your new home.


The next step is permitting. The engineered plans are taken to the building department for review and inspection. Permitting time varies depending on many factors, but usually takes between 2-4 weeks.

If you already own your homesite we can submit the building plans for review during the construction loan process and we can begin construction once the loan is complete.

If the homesite is being financed with the construction loan, then permitting will be submitted soon after loan closing.


The construction process takes about 6 months. We'll meet at the homesite several times during the process to ensure all the details discussed in the design process are included.

With our experience in building custom homes, we know how to make the building process easy. You should be able to enjoy watching your dream become a reality. It is our desire that you have a great home building experience!

Moving Day

The day you've waited for is finally here! It's time to enjoy your beautiful new home.

We endeavor to make sure that all items in your home are 100% completely finished before you move in.

All you have to do is move in and start living your dream!

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The Custom Home Builder process involves plan design, layout, loan processing, permitting, and construction. You’ll then be ready to start living your dream in the Tampa Florida area.